New album under way – 2017

New album 2017

MG & Romain Vicente

Berlin June 2017.

Just like in the old days – first rehearse, then record. Do not make it up as you go along. We kick off preparations for a new album in the traditional rat-infested, dank, dark cellar. Of course, in the old days it was London’s Furniture Cave in Kings Road, Chelsea, or the Tunnel. Today it’s a basement in Berlin’s Prenzlauerberg. All that is missing is the single-bar electric fire, and moles. But the rats are a welcome substitute and this is, after all, the music business. Kind of.

Just like the Jet album, the latest installment begins life with bass and drums. In the case of Jet, it was unavoidable, as nobody else could play in time. Here, it’s more down to expedience.

Romain Vicente races through 15 songs in record time. The great thing is that, as well as being a thoroughly amazing drummer, he can also read music. Give him a chord chart and he’s off, writing updated parts exactly where they are meant to be. The contrast with earlier ant-eater-oriented collaborations could scarcely be greater.

Next stop – life on the ocean wave. We will shortly reconvene on a boat and pursue duck-shockingly percussive activities.

New album 2017

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