Another Words – new Martin Gordon collection coming soon!

Another Words cover

The unbeatable combo of COVID-lockdown and Trump-shenanigans leads inexorably to ‘Another Words’, the moving story of Brad, Cleta, Ryan, the mysterious Mr Brainard and the central figure of Dumpy, a small-fingered vulgarian estate agent. Featuring voice, orchestra and loops, the work also sees the return of Martin Gordon’s trademark barracuda Rickenbacker bass, as first heard on ‘Kimono My House’ and as recently not referred to in any films at all.

Eleven Thousand

Another Words’ features 31 separate compositions. But do not be alarmed! Some of the pieces last for no more than 30 seconds, and so ‘Another Words’ is highly suitably for the limited attention spans of today’s music consumers.

For obvious reasons (duh! No thanks to Karlheinz Brandenburg), we are only making a limited number of copies. Seize the moment below!

Just can’t wait? Get your pre-order in now! CDs will be in stock by May 20th.

Set for release in June 2021. Stay tuned!