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September – newsletter

Read the new newsletter right here. New album planned, Radio Stars news and more.

Ahoy matey!

August: a new album is on the way. More soon!

Recordings are done – violas are vanquished, bass clarinets are basically complete, singing has been sung, drums have been dramatically and determinedly something beginning with D. Documentary evidence here!

May: a return to Rickenbacker’s in Berlin:

Is that Michael Ellis on keys?

March: Wayne and Sharon Yobbo’s greatest hit!

It’s the Will of the People! British people are the best! To celebrate Britain bravely taking back control of invisible ferries and banning foreigners, there’s a new single and a Rabid Rick Remix. Read Will’s single-issue manifesto right here, and heeeere’s Rabid Rick with all the latest bass solo news, as remixed by Wayne and Sharon O’Yobbo.

Who is Martin Gordon?

Bassist, composer, producer, incredulous bystander, wilful participant, personal friend of James Bond. Thrown out of Sparks, rejected by Jet, discarded by Radio Stars, spurned by the Rolling Stones, sneered at by Primal Scream, belittled by Kylie Minogue, ignored by Blur and accused of being a fashion victim by Boy George, his career has been a complete failure. Or maybe you’d care to stop by the alternative biog?

Solo releases

Martin Gordon’s solo career began with the release of the first part of the Mammal Trilogy ‘The Baboon in the Basement’ in 2003. Since then, he has not looked back, although he will not say why. The sixth and final part of the trilogy (‘Include Me Out’) was released in 2013. Some people say it was released on April Fool’s Day, but that’s what some people would say, isn’t it?

Here’s an album overview and a view of the simultaneously-published lyric book which covers Gordon’s entire career to date. The conclusion of the Mammal Era brought an album of Gilbert & Sullivan tunes, Brexit and Donald Trump, although Gordon stoutly denies any involvement in the latter. In March 2018, the first installment of the Post-Mammal Era (PME) emerged blinking into the fishy sunlight, in the shape of ‘Thanks For All the Fish‘. More recently, commentaries on Brexit and foot care have indicated Gordon’s concern about Brexit and footcare. Future developments are awaited with interest, and no small amount of concern.

Communications & newsletter

A newsletter will occasionally drop into your virtual mailbox if there’s anything of interest going on. You gotta be able to read, though. Perhaps your cellmate can spell out the phonemes for you. You can leave us a note below, to which we will immediately respond.

Do you envy those who seem to have permanent and intimate connections to trend-mongers? You know what to do…. Sign up for the newsletter. And feel free to comment appropriately, or even inappropriately,  on anything you stumble across.

Be seeing you!

67 thoughts on “Welcome to Martin Gordon’s official website

    1. Martin Gordon Post author

      Well, thanks, Mr Wanker! I have long been of the opinion that there’s no wanker like a Dave Wanker and once again, and as so often, I am proved correct! Cheers!

  1. Mr. Fabulous

    Hi Martin, I’m a relative newcomer to Sparks and think your bass playing on KMH is superb. I’m thinking of purchasing a bass and wanted your advice; is it advisable to go for the cheaper (though still incredibly expensive) Fender Jazz, or sell a kidney and purchase a Rickenbacker?

    1. Martin Gordon Post author

      Well, Mr Fabulous – what is your life expectation? If it’s all still looking pretty good, I would go down the selling-of-spare-body-parts route and get the Rick. Life is too short to be dull and anodyne, doncha think?

  2. Jerry Bryan

    Martin, I see that you can pre-order Thanks for All the Fish CD at Amazon usa, but was wondering if you’re going to sell them direct from your site. Thanks. Really looking forward to the CD. Yr pal, Jerry

  3. Joe Brandt

    Good evening. I was hoping y’all can help me out. I have a CD by the band Jet. It was released in 1975 but I can no longer find it in CD form. Somehow the CD disappeared from the jewel case.
    Please let me know your thoughts.

  4. Karl

    What HH amp did u use for recording on ‘Kimono My House’? Sparks never had that fat bass sound again.
    Was it an IC100?
    Many thanks and best wishes.

    1. MG

      After looking at a few online pix, the IC100 looks very familiar. But, and there’s always a but, the main ingredient in the sound is probably the playing style. A quick listen to ‘Amateur Hour’ from the same album finds the bass sounding pretty much the same as on the other tracks, but not only was the bass on this one not a Rickenbacker, it wasn’t even amplified. So much for sonic colonial plotting…

      1. Karl

        Many thanks for answering.
        I hear a big difference in sound from ‘Barbecutie’ to ‘Amateur Hour’.
        Fantastic sound on ‘Barbecutie’. Playing is fantastic on both.
        Interesting story about how you had to re-record the bass line for ‘Amateur Hour’.
        But I understand what you are saying about playing style.
        JJ Burnel and the Stranglers also had a fat bass sound in the early days and he then used a P-Bass I read.


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