Some interviews took place lately, with Outline (print) and All You Ever Think About… (audio). As always, the archive is the place to find all interviews.

Yet another album – OMG! Not gonna lie! Read (if you can) all about it here. The reviews are pouring in, including reports from ‘highly-respected music specialists’ Don Gondra, Tom Draingo, Mario Ironmog, Igor Torm, Ramin Dongrat, and of course Mad Rod Drongo.


The last newsletter told the tale of the Ensemble Modern in Africa, as well as a bunch of other things. But unless you register for it (it’s free), you won’t be able to see all the backstage videos, intimate photographs, secret celebrity gossip and gourmet recipes.

Who is Martin Gordon?

Bassist, composer, producer, incredulous bystander, wilful participant, personal friend of James Bond. Thrown out of Sparks, rejected by Jet, discarded by Radio Stars, spurned by the Rolling Stones, sneered at by Primal Scream, belittled by Kylie Minogue, ignored by Blur and accused of being a fashion victim by Boy George, his career has been a complete failure. 

Or maybe you’d care to stop by the alternative biog? Or there’s the discography, with all those groups, the music, the video and the vegetables. That’s President Xi’s own personal vegetable journey we are referring to here. That’s data, we call it data. But that’s another story. Anyway, how are you?

Solo releases

Martin Gordon’s solo career began with the release of the first part of the Mammal Trilogy (‘The Baboon in the Basement’) in 2003. Since then, he has not looked back, although he will not say why. The sixth and final part of the trilogy (‘Include Me Out’) was released in 2013. Some people say it was released on April Fool’s Day, but that’s what some people would say, isn’t it?

Here’s an album overview and a view of the simultaneously-published lyric book which covers Gordon’s entire career to date. The conclusion of the Mammal Era brought an album of Gilbert & Sullivan tunes, Brexit and Donald Trump, although Gordon stoutly denies any involvement in the latter. In March 2018, the first installment of the Post-Mammal Era (PME) emerged blinking into the fishy sunlight, in the shape of ‘Thanks For All the Fish‘. More recently, the second installment ‘OMG‘ followed in early 2020.


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81 thoughts on “Homepage

  1. Johnny Ano Jr

    Hola Senior Gordon! How is it hanging? Here in the rainforest of central Colombia, we have just received news of a very exciting event! Two former members of Sparks, not known for their exquisite bass playing, are rumored to have formed a new band called The Pooftones. I was wondering, do you know if they will be wearing trousers? As Nick Drake once said “It’s a pink pink pink pink moon!”

    1. Martin Gordon Post author

      Tremendously exciting news from Colombia! You note that the proposed members are not bass players, which is in itself a wise move. Is one of them, or indeed both, noted for proficiency in playing the pink oboe?

  2. Barry Wom

    Hello Martin! Mick Cockfoster and I have been invited to join Her Nibbs! The only condition being that we find a bass player who doesn’t sing like Geddy Lee. Have you recently sat on your testicles?

    1. MG

      Your Womfullness! I did recently have a very brief testicular Unfall, as they like to say around here, but got off again pretty damn quick, as you can imagine. So the squeakfulness is not currently terrific. Does that appeal?

  3. Merce Cullingham

    Hello Martin, It’s me, Merce Cullingham, originator of “fishy dancing.” I agree with all the assessments of Mr Cage’s work and also believe the yawning Mr Warthog mentioned in his review, was in actuality about 3 minutes of choral snoring by the first 3 rows of the audience. None the less, a real highlight in Mr Cage’s career!

    1. Martin Gordon Post author

      Hello Merce!

      I thought you were dead, but clearly the iChing refreshes the parts that others, including Mr Cage, alas, can no longer reach. Keep up the good work! I am sure that somewhere there is a ‘plaice’ for you. Do you see what I did there?

      Toodle-oo, sweetie!

  4. MG

    Are you related to the Kalahari Warthogs, by any chance? No matter, Mr Cage’s marvellous composition is a firm favourite in this house, especially his brilliant choice of which chords not to use at all. I especially like the way he simply refuses to resolve to the tonic in the 17th bar, or indeed anywhere else. His decision not to go up a semitone for the outro, in the so-called “truck-driver’s key change” so beloved of many, is also a key highlight for me.

    I think more artists should follow his example of concealing music within complete silence. Most, in fact.

  5. Andy Warthog

    Hi Martin! Andy Warthog here! Hide the women and children! I’ve just discovered the music (?) of John Cage! Specifically, 4’33”. What a brilliant piece of near silence, the exception being assorted coughs, grunts and numerous yawns from the audience. My brand ass stinky new SACD version reveals a couple of surprises like when at the 3’16” mark you can hear Mr Cage lift his left butt cheek off the bench and try to “sneak one out” followed by a round of chuckles from the audience.


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