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Stay tuned for yet another episode of the ongoing series of solo recordings, now in its final death-throes and set for release in the summer of 2023. This final chapter will celebrate the activities of a number of role models, carefully hand-selected by Indonesian child-labourers hunched over guttering candles to ensure only the highest quality for you, the esteemed public. More in the recent newsletter.

Apple Classical Music chart

What does Apple know about classical music that we don’t? Make a quick phone call to find out.

Sława Ukraini!

Go loonies! Storming the Capitol


Somewhere There’s a Place for Us Over the Rainbow

New interviews with Bass Player & Dublin City FM

Charlie Watts

And so it’s goodbye from him – some recollections of Charlie Watts in Paris in 1979…

Oh, no! Wanda the hippo is dead! The Radiant Future newsletter of August 2021 reveals the horrid details. Do not forget, however, that the hippo is among the most dangerous animals in the world due to its highly aggressive and unpredictable nature. Wanda was highly thought of in the music industry. No, actually, that’s a lie. Everybody thought she was a complete shit.

Audio interview with Strange Brew June 2021, trawling through the entire story to the present day. For those who like that sort of thing, it even details the facts of the demise of Radio Stars, rather than recently-aired fantasies from certain quarters.

Another Words

New album now out – read on for tales of Mr Brainard, Brad, Cleta and Dumpy!

Words Alert!

Words in Your Shell-Like – all the lyrics to everything, ever!

Who is Martin Gordon?

Bassist, composer, producer, incredulous bystander, wilful participant, personal friend of James Bond. Thrown out of Sparks, rejected by Jet, discarded by Radio Stars, spurned by the Rolling Stones, sneered at by Primal Scream, belittled by Kylie Minogue, ignored by Blur and accused of being a fashion victim by Boy George, his career has been a complete failure. 

Or maybe you’d care to stop by the alternative biog? Or there’s the discography, with all those groups, the music, the video and the vegetables.

Solo releases

Martin Gordon’s solo career began with the release of the first part of the Mammal Trilogy (‘The Baboon in the Basement’) in 2003. Since then, he has not looked back, although he will not say why. The sixth and final part of the trilogy (‘Include Me Out’) was released in 2013. Some people say it was released on April Fool’s Day, but that’s what some people would say, isn’t it?

Here’s an album overview and a view of the simultaneously-published lyric book which covers Gordon’s entire career to date. The conclusion of the Mammal Era brought an album of Gilbert & Sullivan tunes and diatribes on Brexit, Donald Trump and COVID. In March 2018, the first instalment of the Post-Mammal Era emerged blinking into the fishy sunlight in the shape of ‘Thanks For All the Fish‘. The second instalment ‘OMG‘ followed in early 2020, and the third in June 2021 in the shape of ‘Another Words‘. An expanded version of ‘Another Words’ was released in January 2022, augmented by the dulcet tones of #45.



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