Hugo Portion and his pals in the Radiant Future have scraped together their very own YouTube channel for your delight. It features as much extant Martin Gordon-related material as they can lay their hands on, and rather like the universe, human knowledge, innate goodness and the human brain, it continually expands and expands. Oh no, that’s just the universe, then.

Engage with the Radiant Future

From archive material by Sparks to up-to the minute clips of Mammal activity, all human life is there. There’s even the odd contemporary Radio Stars gig. There’s the Blue Meanies and the Jet reunion of 2000; you’ll see excitable nuns at the John’s Children outing in London in 1999, you’ll see Chris Townson successfully hunting for his false tooth at JC’s US debut later the same year, and you’ll marvel at Mira’s version of ‘Tiny Demons’ at the Montreux Jazz festival. And that’s not to mention the Mime-Is-Money period… Secure yourself a Hugo Portion today!

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