• 2019 – MG talks to Jon from Gonzo about music and Brexit

  • 2014 – AXS grill us about the nitty-gritty, y’all
  • 2014 – MG talks to Monte Mallin’s One Stop Blog
  • 2014 – MG talks to Songfacts
  • 2014 – not really an interview, more a contemporary overview of everything so far. John’s Children, Sparks, Jet, Jook, Radio Stars…

  • 2001 – MG talks to Strange Days
  • 2000 – MG talks to John’s Children Finnish fan site

And from the Radio Stars historical document archive:

And from the Jet archive:

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6 thoughts on “Interviews down the eons

  1. Spot on about having the right people around you. It Is bemusing, though, that someone as talentless musically as LG attracts idolisation and adoration. The man never smiled throughout the concert, he lead an overpopulated cacophonous band, his team and whoever else had spent ££££’s on the backdrop. It’s unfathomable (but not to the aforementioned adorers).

    In your case, you were young and didn’t know. Sparks were Yanks in London on BASF (no proper promotion but achieved a big hit anyway) having previously been on Bearsville in the US. Tricky for you as an outsider.

    Working with a label such that in Camden cannot have helped your cause going forward.

    Don’t know what the Moles reference is but it sounds like it refers to SoS Forum and Gearspace Forum contributors!

    1. By Moles, I refer to the notorious sun-bleached Clapham twins Reg and Rog Mole. They were vicious bastards, but they loved their ol’ muvver. If you looked at them the wrong way, the salt-of-the-earth twins would screw your pelvis to a hatstand, and also if you didn’t.

  2. The Bass Player interview is good. Can imagine the Maels being normal, they were on Steve Jones a few years ago making out what fun guys they are, especially the Hitler one. It is the entertainment business after all.

    Can also picture Jack Bruce providing an ultra brief reply.

    Watched Liam Gallagher at Reading last night. How is it you’re never heading Reading? How is it a non-musician like him, effing and blinding but adored by the crowd, can succeed? Do you ask yourself that – or do you have some insight or opinions us mere mortals don’t?

    Interesting you use Logic Pro.

    1. Well, thanks for actually reading it, unlike some troll who took the trouble to contact me to say that he wasn’t going to read it because it was probably just some stuff about the gauge of bass strings and amplifier tips. As for the Mancunian phenomenon, I suppose you have to have people around you who don’t make stupid decisions too early on. Unfortunately, I have never really found such people.

      Moles? Fun guys, always in the kitchen at parties, so I heard, exchanging about the thickness of piano keys and tips about the best use of velocity controllers.

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