Martin Gordon live! The less things change, the more they stay the same. Here’s an overview of Martin Gordon’s late entry to the stage as a solo performer. It took three decades to really get going, but one’s doesn’t want to flood the market, does one? No, one doesn’t.
11. Rickenbacker’s Music Inn Berlin, Germany
(Ralf Leeman/gtr, Melli Plauth/gtr, Werner Molkentin/drums, Chesta Gordon/keys) May 2019
Back at Rickenbacker’s again, this time for a benefit for an ailing muso stranded in Spain. 10. Rickenbacker’s Music Inn, Berlin, Germany
(Melli Plauth/gtr, Ralf Leeman/gtr, Werner Molkentin/dr) September 2018
A return to Rickenbacker’s, where everything (except the ending of this tune) worked out just fine.

9. Artenschutz Theater, Berlin, Germany

(Melli Plauth/gtr, Ralf Leeman/gtr, Werner Molkentin/dr) August 2018
Before a highly informed, rational and discerning audience, the Half A Chicken band performed a selection of tunes suitable for miners.

8. Brauhaus Sudstern, Berlin, Germany

(Melli Plauth/gtr, Ralf Leeman/gtr, Werner Molkentin/dr) March 2018
This was the first time that I had ever sung (I use the term cautiously) my way through an entire set.

7. Blackland, Berlin, Germany

(Melli Plauth/gtr, Romain Vicente/dr) Jan 2017
For his 30th birthday, Romain invited everybody that he had ever played with to participate. But not at the same time. Der Entente Cordial performed three tunes.

6. Rickenbacker’s Music Inn, Berlin, Germany

(Ralf Leeman/gtr, Werner Molkentin/dr) 2017
For no apparent reason, I was invited to appear at Ralf’s show as a guest, and we performed three tunes.

5. Rickenbacker’s Music Inn, Berlin, Germany

(Ralf Leeman/gtr, Romain Vicente/dr) September 2015
It was Ralf’s 50th birthday, and he decided to celebrate it by inviting me to play. Well, it takes all sorts, I suppose. We did three tunes.

4. Skal, Stockholm

(Pelle Almgren/vox, Max Lorentz/keys, Mats Grundstrom/gtr, Chris Montgomery/dr) June 2011
Pelle came up with this gig, and it was great. We had a wonderful band, all of whom were great players and which included keys for the first time, unless you count all the other times, and we even performed an ancient Sparks tune from an earlier century.

3. Ex’n’Pop, Berlin, Germany

(Pelle Almgren/vox, Ralf Leeman/gtr, Perzi Perzborn/dr) July 2009
Flushed by the resounding success of the previous two gigs, this was a local variant, to which almost 40 people turned up. I even got the contrabass out. But following this, I decided that an easy life was preferable, and would certainly be cheaper.

2. Metro, London, UK

(Pelle Almgren/vox, Rich Davenport/gtr, Steve Budney/dr) March 2008
Supporting some band called Radio Stars who seemed to have been about a fair bit, we were joined by special guests for ‘A Policeman’s Lot’. Steve Budney (see 1) came over to play in my set and later with Radio Stars, and he then flew to Berlin to complete the fifth part of the Mammal Trilogy. So that was good value for money, no question.

1. Boston, USA

(Pelle Almgren/vox, Ernie Kim gtr/vox, Brian Church bass/vox, Steve Budney dr) September 2007
My solo debut, after a mere three decades ‘in the business’. I was invited by Tristan da Cunha, who kindly performed as my band for the evening. The band all wore shorts as it was 40 degrees (Centithing, not Fahrenhunt) in the shade. But not me. Oh no, I should think not.

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