All white, all white, it's a fair cop but John's Children dunnit.It is 1973. Bronzed Californian showbiz twins troll over to the UK, replace their  colonial band with non-swimming British musicians and make an album. They get some hits and cunningly replace most of the new British band with more accommodating mole-lovers.  But to no avail, they are undone. When it all stops, they go back down the trans-Atlantic burrow and emerge once again on the other side. So there we are. Still want more essential mole-facts? OK, then:

  • Only 41 years late, a gold disc for ‘Kimono My House’
  • Selected (i.e. one) Sparks discography:
  • Sparks gig report in Mojo by MG
  • Sparks’ (deceased) guitarist Adrian Fisher was earlier Toby, with (Free bassist) Andy Fraser:

Toby: l-r Adrian Fisher, Stan Speake, Andy Fraser

And finally:

  • Mojo – ‘Hello, Goodbye’

Hello, Goodbye - Mojo (Aug 2003)

Hello, Goodbye – Mojo (Aug 2003)