Kimono My House / Sparks

Kimono My House

Kimono My House

Vocals: Russel Mael; keyboards: Ron Mael;  guitar: Adrian Fisher; bass: Martin Gordon; drums: Dinky Diamond

You like Moles? Well, you’re in the right place, there are hundreds of the buggers hereabouts. Well, two. Kimono My House was recorded in 1973. It’s unearthly beauty remains undimmed with the assistance of wigs and other prosthetic devices. Take a bit of butch guitar, add some helium vocals and one-finger cabaret piano, douse liberally in opinionatedness, light the touch-paper and retire (but not literally). When this proves successful, replace non-compliant components in an effort to stem the tidal hit-wave. When this also proves successful, go back down your burrow for four decades. Emerge fortified with assiduous essayists and masterful mastering technicians and celebrate the 40th birthday of KMH. Credit the other musicians in the UK, but not in Murica where nobody is listening anyway.

You see? It’s so simple really. Essential Mole details are here.

  • This Town Ain’t Big Enough promo video with helpful subtitles:
Watch this video on YouTube.

28 thoughts on “Kimono My House / Sparks

  1. Molly

    01.58 hours and I have a question. Apart from the Mojo review have you kept up with Sparks output over the years?

    On the off chance the answer is yes….what do you think?

    PS “Complaints” about ants is down the hall, turn left and lock yourself in a soundproof cupboard.

    1. Martin Gordon Post author

      Oh, everything, always. I think about them constantly. Well, OK, not constantly but very often. Most of the time. OK, not most of the time but often. Very often. At least every day. Or week. OK, probably once a month. All right, that’s an exaggeration. Perhaps once a year. Or maybe decade is more accurate. OK, OK, I give up. No.

      1. Molly

        Sorry, I missed your reply hiding as it was in my comments. I will reply to your reply but meanwhile I must go out. Yes, it is an essential trip. Yes, I will be wearing a mask. Yes, I will keep my distance. Yes, I am prepared for folk to grass me up if I flaunt the rules.

        Hey, banks don’t rob themselves.

      2. Molly

        I see the docu “The Sparks Brothers” is out in January but only available to Murikan audiences.

        Way to piss off 95% of your mortgage payers Sparks brothers.

        1. Martin Gordon Post author

          Well, I do not feel terribly singled out for mistreatment in this area, being rather more focussed on the 21st century, but I certainly feel your pain. However you do understand that this is, to coin a phrase, nothing to do with me? I mean, I’m not even in it. It’s probably replete with xenophobic Scots mimers, as far as I know.

          1. Molly

            To be fair, we are in the Kimono cupboard down in the dusty Sparks basement room. No 21st century here, no siree. Here it is 1974. It is always 1974.

          2. Molly

            That is twice Scottish bands have helped out Sparks. Three times if you count Jimmy Somerville.

            No, you’re right….twice.

          3. Molly

            In Scotland? Not anymore.

            Fatcha etc….oh and they took the generous redundancy payments but kept shtum ‘cos solidarity innit.

          4. Molly

            I have a favour to ask. I post on a site you would probably disapprove of but their music taste is sound. All the articles are by posters and I am drafting one on Sparks (I have only ever done two before, one on Augustus Caesar and one on “Twats that post on internet forums”).

            I am naming you (whether you like it or not) but I would love if you added a paragraph.

            I will, of course, send you the draft first……oh…..anyway…

          5. Molly

            No, they are doing whatever anyone posts as an article. Nothing much turned down……which gives me hope.

            Thank you muchly, it could take a while. I keep typing stuff then think…..bollocks….that is crap.

            Btw, Yo ho ho and a very good new year to you and yours.

          6. Molly

            PS If the Sparks thing doesn’t work out I will cover the 20th century. You can, of course, add a paragraph to that too.

          1. Molly

            You clearly stated this was the place for complaints about ants. Now you say it is a different department.

            That’s the trouble with you ant people. Shiftless.

          2. Martin Gordon Post author

            Ooh, I never did! I was always perfectly clear that while ant issues can of course be raised here, complaints about ants must be submitted at the appropriate page. Otherwise it would be chaos, to be frank, and I’m sure you would not like me to be otherwise.

          3. Molly

            This is some of the worst customer service I have ever seen…….. and that is up against some pretty stiff competition.

            Having perused your website it appears you are an expert on moles not ants.

            I have a good mind to report you to the Royal Ant Society.

          4. Molly

            Anyway, this week I was having a nostalgia trip. Dug out the old scratched vinyl. When I was 14 The Man Who Sold the World, Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust saved my life. Almost literally. It was an awakening, somebody else felt like me.

            Then there was Sparks, KMH was the ultimate in clever rock pop, David Bowie without the angst. Roxy Music but quirkier and with more talent. Suddenly the glam world was taught a lesson. You didn’t need eye liner, glitter and silver knee high boots. You just needed talent (Oh, and to be the most beautiful man on planet earth).

            Then came Propaganda. If “Don’t Leave Me Alone with Her” had been the single things may have been different. Yet, despite 50% of Jook giving it their best (and they were very competent musicians) the Spark died when Ron and Russell decided they could do without Martin Gordon and Adrian Fisher. The power behind the throne was no more. Despite a very clever album (Indiscreet) the hoi polloi voted with their wage packets. It seems they kind of liked Martin and Adrian.

            Then there was punk. Joe Strummer said everything I felt I should say. He seemed like a guru at the time, looking back on YouTube clips……not so much. Nevertheless, London Calling is one of my all time favourite albums. “Spanish Bombs” coincided with “Beat The Clock”….suddenly life was not so simple. I was astonished. A band that produced “Moon Over Kentucky” was now full on disco. It pleased some people but to go from Fletcher Honorama to this seemed beyond the pale. (honourable exception to “My Other Voice”. Or as we now call it, Air “moon Safari”

            Then there was Unknown Pleasures in 1979. The same year as No. 1 In Heaven. How could it have come to this???
            To be continued……

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