Dump the Trump!Tidal Wave of Demonic Bullshit Heading Towards the Country of Yurp from the North and the West!

Every day, the bar gets lower. To remind you once again, it’s the element of surprise. How could we forget the element of surprise?

Martin Gordon. Sparks and Radio Stars, OK? Some of them are good people. But he was never in them! It’s all fictionalised, probably. Possibly. People have said this. It’s a phenomena. Believe me! Many people are saying this. It’s a fact. It’s just what people are saying. Bigly!

This much is clear! It’s all about the temperament. My temperament is better than yours is. All the stars do this. All other music is horribly flawed. Horribly! Believe me. It’s a fact. We know about music but we know nothing about the inner workings of music. Worbly!

Have to take a step back, folks, until we figure out what the hair is growing on. Is it growing on a Norwegian beach? Is it radioactive? It might be, it might be not be. No way to know this. I have experienced. The coot came over and it says I grabbed it by the toupee? Bigly wrong! Did you see the coot? Baldly!

We would never dump in an ocean. They built a hotel. It’s nice. Well, why not? When I have to tell you why. Over $10 billion, OK? Believe me, there are many of them. Bombly!

El Trumpodante
El Trumpodante

Recording details:

Recorded at the Annual Xenophobes and Barrow-Boys Every-Day-Disco Erotic Elephant Troupe and Dancehall Combo All Refugees Are Welcome party. What a night it was. We can do it. And we can did it. Now it’s your turn to We Can Do It Too It.

Contributors to this one are:

Despite no more Spicey, we will always have the bushes…

  • Hear it/buy it:
    • on iTunes if you are still listening
    • on Amazon if you are not having a siesta with your sombrero tipped over one eye while leaning on a five-barred gate (and eventually on all those other places which are not at all Spanish)
  • Read it/dissect it: lyrics for the literate
  • Read what other people say about it: for example, the Dutch:
    • “Dump The Trump! (Dump The Donald!)” Is a single-sided protest single, which includes a swinging danceable rhythm and like the title suggests, this protest song is a call for the dumping of Donald Trump. A catchy sounding swinging pop song that I can recommend any fan of quality pop music. (Carry’s New Underground Music)

and some Muricans add their two cents via Facebook:

  • “Rubbish! Dump Martin Gordon!” – a nameless Murican – do you see what he did there?
  • It’s people like you liberals why this country is the way it is, it’s time to man up and not be a pussy!” – my favourite, especially the strangled grammar and the topical turn of phrase.

In response to comments from one Norman Snook and, unlike Norman, aware that a snook is a species of fish, I wrote:

  • I have always been a great fan of any member of a species of marine fish in the family Centropomidae of the order Perciformes. I am particularly impressed with the fact that you all posses bright yellow pelvic and caudal fins, especially during spawn. This summons up delightful images for me and also the rest of my extended, but rather demented, family.

to which Mr Snook charmingly responded:

  • “You r white. What the fuck r u talking. U speak like a black lives matter uneducated idiot who doesn’t work just talks to the fish all day. Get my meaning asshole. U must b a tranny”.

Goodbye, Mr Snook, and thanks for all the fish references…

Remember – I hear by support Mr Snook! Make Trumpery history! Seize the moment! Tomorrow today will be a yesterday! Every day a new debacle! Barn dance into the apocalypse! Talk to the fish all day! Etc.


Donald Goes to Trumpenburg


NOW LOOK HERE! Because here are all the words to all the Gordon tunes – everything, from Jet to Mammals and further! In a book! Like what you have to read and that.

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2 thoughts on “Dump the Trump

  1. Hair rodents of the world unite! Perhaps you will one day get around to the box set… Have you thought about buying a second one, and not listening to that one as well? If you have the right tech set-up, you could not listen to both of them at the same time, a sort of quad effect, only silent. Does that have legs? Do YOU have legs, if that’s not a personal question?

  2. Hi Martin! Hair rodent is the best description I’ve heard for Trump’s hair! Unless you were talking about his wife Imelda, in which case it’s still pretty accurate. I have the new Radio Stars box set but have not listened to it yet. I bet it’s really good!

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