Kimono My House / Sparks

Kimono My House

Kimono My House

Vocals: Russel Mael; keyboards: Ron Mael;  guitar: Adrian Fisher; bass: Martin Gordon; drums: Dinky Diamond

You like Moles? Well, you’re in the right place, there are hundreds of the buggers hereabouts. Well, two. Kimono My House was recorded in 1973. It’s unearthly beauty remains undimmed with the assistance of wigs and other prosthetic devices. Take a bit of butch guitar, add some helium vocals and one-finger cabaret piano, douse liberally in opinionatedness, light the touch-paper and retire (but not literally). When this proves successful, replace non-compliant components in an effort to stem the tidal hit-wave. When this also proves successful, go back down your burrow for four decades. Emerge fortified with assiduous essayists and masterful mastering technicians and celebrate the 40th birthday of KMH. Credit the other musicians in the UK, but not in Murica where nobody is listening anyway.

You see? It’s so simple really.

  • This Town Ain’t Big Enough promo video with helpful subtitles:

94 thoughts on “Kimono My House / Sparks

  1. Molly

    Working on my reply to the second book. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…………….sob.

    Anyway, your musical tastes….. you will bar me from your site now but….

    ….from what I have read you Pros leave me baffled. You all cite who I expect you to cite. Just about everyone cites Miles or Hendrix, Sam Cooke and …..the Beatles. Do you all know something we don’t know? Some will lower themselves to credit Bowie or Mott the Hoople…or…god forbid……Roxy.

    Almost nobody cites Dean Martin, Easy Beats, Yes, The Move, The Kinks, Marmalade, Floyd, Mozart, Puccini…………the Monkees.

    As a research chemist I can only assume that it is like me admiring the tenacity of a bacterium like Yersinia pestis versus Facebook. I know what I would rather be infected with but it’s not cool to say so.

    Do your worst.

  2. Molly

    I just wondered, assuming you ever see this post in all the spaghetti (mostly mine I grant you) I have been listening to the Tindersticks again.

    What are your favourite bands?

    1. MG

      Well, in terms of who do I listen to most, it’s a toss-up (but not literally) between the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Miles Davis. Some days I think I’m stuck in a time warp, but other days not.

      1. Molly

        Yes, I understand the time warp thing. Ik ook.

        Miles Davis. Spooky ain’t it. You and the non curly one have the exact same tastes in music and pretty much the same sense of humour. Wtf could they not just get along with you all? Or is that the point?

        I kind of hate them for breaking up the band that never really existed. Ron states self referential songs are hideous yet they do it all the time even referencing themselves by name as in “Mr Mael” sings “I just shaved my nose off, oh well other than that, I’m lots like I was then”. It is the closest they came to saying…….oh……fuck.

        I would swear on my life I hate jazz until a jazz loving friend of mine listened to “Equator” and told me the end bit was jazz.

        You are somewhat of an education for me. I didn’t even know I wanted to be educated….but….it’s fun.

  3. Martin Gordon Post author

    “Theme”, I suppose. But too many notes for what?

    As for idiots, I repeat once again, and I aware of the danger of becoming a bore on the issue, Neil Postman’s 1985 publication ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death – Public Discourse in the Era of Show Business’ will tell you more than you want to know, ever.

    1. Molly

      What do you mean “you suppose”? I thought you were an expert on such matters. I expected a Latin word or phrase at the very least.

      “Too many notes” is, apparently, what Emperor Joseph II said to Mozart. For me it’s like I get you can play your instruments really well guys, now cut it out and get to the …er….theme.

      One can never be a bore on the subject of idiots. It’s not just that they are everywhere now, it’s that they seem to revel in it. Like stupid is the new smart. I shall look up said book….. although look what happens when I read books.

      Great rendition of SOTR btw, have you thought of joining a band?

  4. Molly

    I like both albums although can’t really class myself as a Yes fan. I skip too many bits, like the long intro to Heart of the Sunrise, to get to the main tune. As I said, too many notes. Btw, what is the technical term for “main tune”?

    We are as one on the subject of idiots. Sadly with the invention of the WWW their presence is even more noticeable. The quantity of garbage spouted seems to be indirectly proportional to intellect. I can only assume that, as a species, we are devolving. Soon it will be cave dwellings, kipper ties and the Rubettes.


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