Well, that’s the Trilogy finished off. Now continuing with a spot of gamelan, some words for those Ossi polka fellas the Polkaholix… and then a soupçon of opera?

The recent acquisition of a Rickenbacker 4003 MG indicates a return to the classic sound of yore, when moles were moles and grown men wept at the size of the ever-growing piles of cash. Of yore what, you may well ask… Stay tuned.

We have a new website. We have a new Newsletter. Well, it would hardly be worth having an old Newsletter,  would it, unless you are wearing rose-tinted spectacles and are firmly rooted in the last century. We also have new news, right below. So what are you waiting for?


April 2015

Well, the latest news is that this site has become, unlike most people, mobile, light and friendly. See how mobile we are? Toss us in the air to see how light we are! Engage us in gay banter to see how friendly we are! You see? Mind you, it was that Google wot done it.

Still, one thing leads to another. And the next thing will be an announcement on May 3rd about an Impending Event.


March 2015

The Mammal Trilogy continues to appear in the most unlikely of settings, this time inspiring a member of the South London Women Artists (SWLA) collective in her contribution to their upcoming exhibition, cheerfully entitled ‘Death and Transition’ (April-May 2015).


Jan 2015

Following the unveiling of the newly-redesigned website, we eagerly await news about the next music project. As the Mammal Trilogy is now concluded, what can we expect? Perhaps some reworking of the famous Victorian rap duo with extraordinary facial hair? Got it in one, you clever person you. More shortly on this one… and see what MG had to say on the topic recently in conversation with AXS in November 2014.

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