somewherefeat. Andy Ellison vocals, Martin Gordon bass/keys, Ian Macleod guitar, Chris Townson drums, Paul Simon drums, Steve Parry drums, Jamie Crompton drums, Paul Jones harmonica, Graham Chapman voice-over, Hermione Various everything else

A compilation of the band’s finest fishing songs, complete with heartwarming tales of fishermen’s jumpers, lighthouses, gabardine coats and rubber underwear. Even includes unreleased tunes (four, to be precise), one tune which was ‘not released properly’ and the elusive ‘Accountancy Blues’, the lyrics of which appeared inside the Holiday Album but not the track itself. But now it does. You cannot say fairer than that, we believe. Free Wellington boot with every seventh copy purchased – keep the receipts.

Phil Smee photographed the cosmos for us, and God waived his IPR and allowed us to publish it. Well done God, we say. Have you ever met God? Splendid fellow – bit of a problem over omniscience/omnipotence, of course. I mean He can’t be both, and He knows it. But we’ll get back to you on this one in due course, possibly at the end of time.

Track list:

  1. Radio Stars
  2. Dirty Pictures
  3. The Beast of Barnsley
  4. Nervous Wreck
  5. Boy Meets Girl
  6. My Mother Said
  7. Is It Really Necessary
  8. Arthur Is Dead (Boring)
  9. Johnny Mekon
  10. Good Personality
  11. Dear Prudence
  12. Nothing Happened Today
  13. Eric
  14. Macaroni and Mice
  15. (I Got Dem Old) Sex in Chains Blues (Again Mama) Part 1
  16. From A Rabbit
  17. Sail Away
  18. It’s All Over
  19. I’m Talking About You
  20. Accountancy Blues
  21. Baffin Island
  22. The Ghost of Desperate Dan
  23. This is Your Next Life
  24. Sitting in the Rain
  25. Rock’n’Roll For the Time Being
  26. No Russians in Russia
  27. The Real Me
  28. Somewhere There’s a Place for Us
  29. Goodnight

Available from iTunes and other selected download outlets. Here’s the CD in the Radiant Future Amazon store.

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