RFVP010CDthfeat. Martin Gordon bass/keys, Andy Ellison vocals, Ian Macleod guitars, Maurice Various drums

  • First ever live release from Radio Stars, recorded during the band’s heyday in 1977-1978 in the UK and a few bonus studio tracks which didn’t make it to the Holiday album.
  • First 1000 copies of `Something For The Weekend’ include free CD `Hello Boston!’ by band’s writer/bassist Martin Gordon in 2007 in Boston
  • Eco-friendly release manufactured by condemned Chinese convicts using only purest candlelight

This is a collection that shows the band at their finest, recorded live in 1977 and 78 on tour in the UK. `Something For The Weekend’ is eco-friendly, has a carbon-neutral football, is guaranteed to make history poverty and is also very easy to dance to at summit meetings. The first 1000 copies of `Something For The Weekend’ include a free copy of `Hello Boston!’, the band’s writer/bassist Martin Gordon’s debut solo performance in Boston in 2007.


NOW LOOK HERE! Because here are all the words to all the Gordon tunes – everything, from Jet to Mammals and further! In a book! Like what you have to read and that.

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