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Live at Rickenbacker’s, Berlin on October 7th 2018

In an extraordinary displaying of cakeism, and once again flouting all rules of logic and rationality, Martin Gordon and his erstwhile band Half A Chicken made an impromptu appearance in Berlin. On Sunday October 7th at Rickenbacker’s, a determinedly-crowd pleasing set  (assuming there is a crowd) included faves from Radio Stars and the Move as well as excerpts from the Mammal series and the more recent post-Mammal period. Discursive forays into idiocy were as expected. Tangible displays of tom-foolery and dandyism were predictable. Forays into odd time-signatures were manifest but short-lived. Morays appeared only in small numbers. Weekends were Wunderbar. Barbecuing was verboten, as was everything else unless expressly indicated. And it went like this (excerpts): [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLsvTuv8NHf9RBhG0hF-3MnAKYdr8BTATu[/embedyt]

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