December: Kimono at 40

Press release from one of the participants (and not Tristram Richly-Fedd)

July 20: Monte Mallin’s One Stop Blog

Monte focusses on the 40th anniversary of the release of ‘Kimono My House’ by Sparks. Everybody lived happily ever after, he claims.

June 11: Songfacts

A probe behind the mask to uncover the horrible reality. Mammals, music, mortification, the apocalypse, Rickenbackers and moles. And more. IS there more?

April 2: And it still is (news to him)

A brief newsletter. Not wanting to hold you up, or anything.

January 27: It’s news to him

In the UK Independent, journalist John Sweeney invokes Radio Stars, Vladimir Putin, the Sochi Olympics and assorted pooves, in an impressive display of xenochronous cultural cross-referencing.

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