RF014_98x98Time Gentlemen Please – demos / Martin Gordon / Radiant Future RF014CD

The songs which make up the fifth and final part of the so-called ‘Mammal Trilogy’ were first recorded as demos. The contributing musicians listened to these demos and structured their parts accordingly. This release contains these demos, along with one tune which which didn’t make it due to the rigorous process of selection.

This release is strictly limited to 100 copies, each of which will be numbered and signed. The CD comes complete with 4 page, full colour booklet, instructions for use, lifestyle tips and copies of the original chord charts for each song. Entertain / irritate your partner with Mammalian Melodies!

Buy the CD only from the Radiant Future shop, or download the digital version from Amazon or iTunes. Audio is here. And of course the lyrics are here.

Track listing:

  1. Elephantasy demo
  2. Houston We’ve Gotta Drinking Problem demo
  3. On and On demo
  4. 21st Century Blues demo
  5. Come Out Come Out Whoever You Are demo
  6. I Feel Fine demo
  7. If Boys Could Talk and Girls Could Think demo
  8. Talulah Does the Hula From Hawaii demo
  9. Shoot The Women First demo
  10. Panama demo
  11. Incognito Ergo Sum demo
  12. I Have a Chav demo
  13. Interesting Times demo
  14. Passionate About Your Elevator demo
  15. I’m Budgie (Don’t Fly Me) demo
  16. You Can’t See Me demo
  17. Worry Baby (demo, bonus track)



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