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God cover

God’s Not Great

Prepare for puffin-action shortly, with a new album, new single, fresh despair, a tailor-made video for the single, exciting apocalyptic recipes, an album-overview-video, challenging flirtations, fat birds, penguin conspiracy theories (Not Clickbait, I’m So Glad I’m Still Alive), dance tips for the quadruped-about-town, interviews with all and sundry and more besides.

Legendary producer/engineer Richard Digby Smith (he was responsible for Kimono, Led Zep III and IV, amongst others) finally talks!

Plus another old friend returns imminently with a set of rather curious cartoons. And the puffin will tell you the secret of life. From his point of view, of course, so if you are a member of the Fratercula family, or are an auk, this will be right up your street. If you live on a street, I mean. You may not, of course. You don’t have to. You may live down a burrow or in a nest. Democracy! You see? If you don’t like it, you can sod off, for all I care.

Where was I?  Oh yes. Stay tuned.