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Greatest Sh!ts of fire! As the world is increasingly run by Sh!ts, isn’t it about time that they were smashed on the head with a musical rubber chicken? Gordon singles out a selection of the current Toppermost of the Sh!t Poppermost for scrutiny. Their utterances, whether demented, deluded or frankly bonkers, provide the basis for new compositions and revisitations.

Greatly Rumpled

In ‘Greatest Sh!ts’, Gordon hones in selected utterances of the powerful and prominent regardless of the impressive length of their ties, the rumpledness of their blonde hair, the profundity of their bank accounts or the gleam of their bared torsos.

Choose your favourite Great Sh!t

Odd-toed Ungulate

When quizzed about his ‘weird time signatures’, (American composer) Frank Zappa felt that the ‘the weirdest time signature of all is 4:4‘, noting that human speech takes place in not common but in compound time. As Greatest Sh!ts is prompted by speech, much of it takes place in weird time signatures, but fuhgeddaboudit, there is still enough electric guitar and bass to satisfy even the most convoluted thinker.

The Greatest complete package (now available!)

Greatest Sh!ts
Buy the brand new Greatest Sh!ts CD with lyric sheet, sleeve notes & sticker from Radiant Future

The Greatest Sh!ts Digipack has four pages. Remember the thrill of opening up an LP sleeve to read the sleeve notes and credits? The choice with a Digipack is either (a) to cram all the text into two pages by using a tiny font size (b) to print it in a human-readable font size, which reduces the amount of content to a couple of paragraphs.

For the Greatest Sh!ts Digipack, we selected option (b). The sleeve includes all credits (participants include Stephan Bernardes, Mario Ferraro, Ralf Leeman, Jade Pai and Romain Vicente, and Richard Digby Smith did the mastering), along with a general overview of the Sh!t venture and a reproduction of some recent adventures in philately.

The Digipack is complemented with a Greatest Sh!ts extras giveaway – read on.

Greatest Extras

Here’s what you get if you invest in Greatest Sh!ts via this site. Obviously there’s (1) a CD, for those who support this arcane technology. (This evidently doesn’t include Apple, who began to remove CD drives from their devices in 2007). But some are still keen on the portability and packaging of CDs, and particularly the Digipack which uses no plastic at all.

Plus Greatest sleeve notes!

Our solution to tiny fonts is (2) to print (expensively and colourfully) extra sleeve notes to accompany your listening experience. In the old days, these would have taken up at least two full sides of a gatefold sleeve. So here, at no extra cost, the sleeve notes are spread luxuriantly over four pages (of A5). This means they can be read without the help of a magnifying glass, ear-trumpet, rubber bum or other prosthetic aid. The notes includes exclusive content and scientific analysis by domain experts. Say no more.

Plus Greatest lyric sheet!

While listening to bumbling diatribes and rabble-rousing conspiracy theories, why not sing along with a lyric sheet? To satisfy your creative and conspiratorial needs, we have (3) printed the entire lyrics on yet another (colourful and expensive, did we mention that?) A5 four-page spread, also included at no extra cost (except to us, of course). Stammer and stutter along with the bombast in the privacy of your own home or moated mansion.

Plus Greatest Sh!ts sticker!

Greatest Sh!ts
Buy the brand new Greatest Sh!ts CD with lyric sheet, sleeve notes & sticker from Radiant Future

With the first 150 CDs there’s (4) a biliously-green sticker featuring most of the Great Sh!ts and including a less-than-subtle reference to earlier times for the passing amateur who may not be aware of the full chronology behind this release. Enough said. All extras are only available via this site and not as downloads or via other sellers.

Tell all your friends! You haven’t got any? Well then, get Greatest Sh!ts and become the most popular person in your wing!

Greatest Reviews

Reviews can be found here.

Sh!t by Sh!t

Individual rundowns (on a strictly per-Sh!t basis) are being created for your delight end edification. So far we have dealt with Andrew Pandrew (‘No Sweat’) and Sheep Farmer (‘Booster’). More to follow.


  1. No Sweat
  2. Booster
  3. A True Totalitarian
  4. All the Rage
  5. What a Caution
  6. An Extended Phonecall
  7. Dumber Than a Rock
  8. Superior Jeans
  9. No Greater Dictator
  10. COVIDiots
  11. The Beast of Ankara
  12. The Will of the People
  13. Sława Ukraini

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