Are You Dumber Than a Rock?

Are you dumber than a rock? Or than a box of rocks? Or even a single rock? Here’s a quick way of checking. Pick up a box of rocks, or a single one if you can’t find a boxful, and ask it whether the earth is flat. Follow this up with a query about whether Bill Gates has injected nano-trackers into your bloodstream via your morning bowl of cornflakes. Two positive responses will indicate whether you are more intelligent than the rock. Or not, of course, depending upon your position. Come on, give it a go!

Rock On!

Earlier experiments followed the so-called Trump telephonic model (TTM), in which moronic proposals and suggestions are made and responses noted for later diagnosis. In this example, source material is derived from a phone call between then-President Trump and US Secretary of State for Georgia Brad Raffensperger. The implied intonation and time signatures derived from the audio are then extracted and transformed into musical compositions, as featured on earlier the ‘Another Words‘ album.

And now, this release interpolates actual audio from the phone call with the composed material. ‘Another Words – the Phone Call‘ features the rock-in-chief himself and his assorted gang of loonies, sycophants, hangers-on and opportunists.

Note that the use of silly hair is traditionally restricted to the chief lunatic, as a hierarchical signifier. Unusually, we do not here refer to the British-Conservative variant of the populist virus but to the original American-Republican version; there is however little difference between the two.

And remember, don’t be dumber than a rock. That’s if it’s convenient for you, we wouldn’t like to restrict your freedom to be idiotic.