December 2016

We go offline due to Anne Outbreak of Orangeness.

October 2016

Anne announcement about the regrettable end of civilisation as we know it.

September 2016

New old pic of Toby, with Adrian Fisher and Andy Fraser.

June 2016

Non-GG&S discussion in Dutch and English and Spanish, on the topic of whether the UK is part of the country of Yurp or not.

May 2016

GG&S reviews and discussions in English and French, translated for the monoglot here.

April 2016

Gilbert Gordon & Sullivan released on April Fools Day.

Lyrics added.

Modern Major General - Martin Gordon

A Modern Major General

March 2016

‘Modern Major General’ single download: iTunes or Amazon

February 2016

Announcement re: forthcoming ‘Modern Major General’ single (release date March 1) due shortly.