NOW LOOK HERE! Because here are all the words to all the Gordon tunes – everything, from Jet to Mammals and further! In a book! Like what you have to read and that.

rsSwingingcoverAndy Ellison vocals, Martin Gordon bass/keys, Ian Macleod guitar, Steve Parry (Paul Simon) drums, Hermione Various the rest

Jet, by any other name. Here’s what one perceptive commentator recently noted. This was the first album from the slightly-recast Jet, and jolly damn good it was too. Carefully leaving out their almost hit ‘Dirty Pictures’, and and equally thoughtfully striking their second almost hit ‘No Russians’ from the track listing, the band defied the odds. ‘We defy you, odds!’ they would shout, literally.

Critics loved them, and the public went gaga for personal items once held by the band, including newspapers and, once, a banana. Things were looking up for our happy-go-lucky troubadours. The newspapers jumped on the vertiginous bandwagon, with prole-rousing tales about their ode to the Beast of Barnsley.

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