Wanna know why OMG is not released until early 2020? Here’s the reason.

Who is the Liberation Orchestra, and why?

Pre-release copies of OMG are now available! Don your yellow capes, stick your little purple arms through the slots and click off! OMG!


OMG! An new album? What is ‘album’, please? Is it something to do with Green Shield stamps, or Stanley Gibbons? Who knows. You will, though, if you pay attention. More here.

September: newsletter

Read the new newsletter right here. New album planned, Radio Stars news and more.

August: a new album is on the way

Recordings are done – violas are vanquished, bass clarinets are basically complete, singing has been sung, drums have been dramatically and determinedly something beginning with D. Documentary evidence here!

May: a return to Rickenbacker’s in Berlin:

Is that Michael Ellis on keys?

March: Wayne and Sharon Yobbo’s greatest hit!

It’s the Will of the People! British people are the best! To celebrate Britain bravely taking back control of invisible ferries and banning foreigners, there’s a new single and a Rabid Rick Remix. Read Will’s single-issue manifesto right here, and heeeere’s Rabid Rick with all the latest bass solo news, as remixed by Wayne and Sharon O’Yobbo.