News 2017

March 2017:




Feb 2017:

Words Alert!Wordy! Expanded updated edition of the lyrics collection. (It’s a book…). More pages, more tunes, Trumpery and Gilbert & Sullivan-ness.






Naughty! Radio Stars got their kicks up in the attic. The original poster is available once again.







Boxy! Radio Stars Boxed! All the collected works, both released, unreleased and (one) newly recorded. That’s yer lot, folks…




Jan 2017:

Onwards with the Terrible Trump-Mess:

Bidet love at Blackland in Berlin:

Repairs and MaintenanceWe are sadder but wiser. Following a website attack in December 2016, we were offline for a week. Most stuff was recovered. The only thing that spookily completely disappeared was – wait for it – the Dump the Trump audio! All comments seem to have been lost forever, unfortunately… However, due to one thing and also another, and also the fact that #OrangeLives ReallyDoMatter, full Trumpness is now restored.

And so we say: Dump the Trump!