Finally, after many years, he decides to release records under his own name. Since he makes this momentous step, he has not looked back, although he will not say why. The whys and wherefores of the birth of the Mammal Era are documented here in the thrillingly-hyperventilating style so beloved of Californians and meeja peeble.

It has taken him six albums to get it all off his chest. These albums form the so-called Mammal Trilogy, and the six main pillars are:

Additional material includes:

and the accompanying reading material:

Excerpts of the so-called Trilogy have been performed live on four occasions: Boston (2007), London (2008), Berlin (2009) and Stockholm (2011). Video documentation can be found on Radiant Future’s YouTube channel.

An ever-changing variety of on- and off–stage talent supports the Mammal Trilogy. Chris Townson drummed on parts I-IV, but thoughtlessly died before the final two parts were completed. He was reincarnated as a bench. Pelle Almgren has provided sterling vocals on the entire so-called Trilogy, and the latest stage outing was comprised almost entirely of Swedes.

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